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A little about our mission...

As modern day fashionistas we feel the socks & tights pain at least every morning. We love looking flawless and being quick to wear what we want everyday, but sometimes - too many times - our socks & tights just aren't ready for us. From missing socks that get lost in the laundry, to ripped or mismatched socks, we've all been down that ugly road before and we surely want to stay away from it!

So we gathered our strengths to give you a subscription that will take socks & tights off your to-do list for good, give you the goodies you need for your feet & legs to look flawless and on-trend, and make you socks-ready for life, everyday! 


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Now that you've met us you know that we'll strive to give you the best service so you don't have to worry anymore with socks and tights. All you have to do now is subscribe and become a Daily Socks Cluber!